The Starter Package: Jump Start Your Car Search

I’ve been working on this business and blog for a while now. I’m often asked the question: “what does Tom the Car Pro do?” so today, I’ll explain one of my three packages. The Starter Package is for those who need some guidance in choosing their next car.

Do you choose a new car the way I choose for a new computer?

I’ve spent nearly my entire life following the automotive industry, obsessively, as a hobby. Watching trends in style, technology, and safety, learning automotive history, and following (and judging) the business decisions made at the corporate level. So when I’m shopping for a new car for myself, it’s usually a quick process. I know exactly what’s out there, exactly what to expect for my budget, and exactly what I want.

When I shop for a new computer, it’s a different story. It’s something that I do roughly every 5-8 years. But when I’m not in the market for a new laptop, I really don’t follow the industry. So when it’s time to start doing my research, the vast majority of my time is spent getting myself up to speed on where things currently stand. Things move so quickly in computers. Specs and features that were commonplace when I bought my old MacBook Air back in 2013 have been eclipsed now, many times over. If I followed the trends in computer technology more closely, shopping for a replacement for my old MacBook Air wouldn’t be nearly so time consuming.

For many, their approach to car shopping is similar to the way I shop for a new computer. But a new car is a much bigger decision. For the cost of the average new car purchased in the United States in June 2020, you could buy 38 and a half MacBook Air laptops! A car is not a purchase to be taken lightly.

Cars are constantly evolving, just like computers.

Things move just as quickly in cars as they do in computers. I was working with a client a few months ago. She mentioned that having the latest technology was important in her next vehicle. When I asked for more details about what specific features she was looking for (by no means is this intended to embarrass this person), she mentioned Bluetooth phone connectivity. Today, Bluetooth has been standard in just about every single car for at least the last five years. You wouldn’t be aware of this if it’s been about ten years since you last shopped for a car. Back then, Bluetooth was a cool feature that was just finding its way into more mainstream cars.

Nowadays, when I’m thinking about the “latest technology,” it means features like radar cruise control with automatic sign recognition, cameras that give you a virtual 360-degree view around your car for easy parking, and safety features like lane keeping assistance with the ability to automatically steer your car to keep you centered in your own lane. Even ten years ago, these features would have sounded like total science fiction.

Even once you have a grasp on modern comfort, convenience, and safety features, there’s still the matter of deciding which cars to consider. Nobody wants to spend their hard-earned money on a crappy car. But it takes time to make sure you find something reliable, safe, and comfortable.

The Starter Package

You can absolutely spend the necessary time to do this research on your own. Or, you can hire me and purchase the Starter Package for $199*. For that fee, you can reap the benefits of my lifelong automotive obsession. If you’re looking for a new or new-to-you car, but you’re feeling overwhelmed about where to begin, I created the Starter Package with you in mind. Here’s what you get.

First, I’ll send you a simple survey to complete. It will take you no longer than 5-10 minutes to fill out. Your responses will help me to determine your needs, your wants, and your budget.

From there, I get to work on your Short List: three recommendations, customized for you. All will meet your needs and wants, and be within your budget. They’ll be safe, with proven safety track records, and the best that your money can buy in available advanced safety technologies. They’ll also be dependable, with an average or better record for reliability.

Odds are, my recommendations may include some great vehicles that you never would have considered otherwise. Again, I obsessively follow the automotive industry. I wouldn’t steer you wrong!

I’ll explain why the features and benefits of each vehicle earn my recommendation for your unique and specific needs, but I’ll also mention any potential shortcomings that you should be aware of as you shop. For example, maybe your survey responses didn’t indicate that rear seat space is important to you. But if the vehicle specs and reviews indicate that one of my recommendations has a tight back seat, I’ll mention it.

Once my report is complete, I’ll send you a PDF copy for you to review. And I’ll be happy to answer any follow up questions you may have!

Graphic showing Short List created for customers of the Starter Package

Next steps…

At this point, it’s up to you on how you’d like to proceed. You can dive into your own research if you like. Use my recommendations as a starting point to help you focus your search. Or, you can start pounding the pavement at local car dealerships (literally or virtually, in the age of COVID-19) with the confidence that my recommendations are pointing you in the right direction. Or, you can consider an additional service that I offer. More on that in an upcoming post.

Here’s the thing. With my Starter Package, I know I’m not offering you anything that you couldn’t do on your own. But it’s all about how you want to spend your time. Researching a new car takes time if you’re doing it properly. Or, you can hire a pro to expedite the process.

Contact me anytime, and let me know how I can help you. Thanks for reading!

* Pricing is subject to change at any time.

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