The Preowned Vehicle Completion Package

I offer three service packages for exasperated car shoppers. I’ve written blog posts about the Starter Package and the New Vehicle Completion Package already. Today, I’m going to outline my third offering: the Preowned Vehicle Completion Package.

This service is $349*. It’s geared toward someone who’s in the market for a used car, but maybe feels overwhelmed with their choices. Or, they’re not sure what to look out for when selecting a preowned vehicle. Perhaps they want assistance to make sure they don’t get taken advantage of. Or maybe they want guidance throughout the process, and hope to minimize the hassle of used car shopping.

Or, maybe they just don’t have the time to put in all the research and legwork required to find the right used car.

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As of this writing, there are 2,125,970 preowned cars listed for sale on

Preowned Vehicle Completion Package: Includes the Starter Package

The Preowned Vehicle Completion Package already includes the services provided in the Starter Package. I’ll prepare your Short List, which contains three customized recommendations on cars that meet your needs, wants, and your budget. Safety is always top of mind. I won’t recommend any vehicle that doesn’t have solid performance in government crash tests. And since nobody wants to spend more time in a dealership service department than necessary, I also make it a point to recommend vehicles with a documented track record for reliability.

If you’d like to learn more about the Starter Package, you can check out this blog post.

Preowned Vehicle Completion Package: Test Drives

While I have a high level of confidence in my recommendations, reading about a car and spending some time behind the wheel are two very different things. So next, it’s test drive time. I’ll help you find vehicles close to home so that you can do just that. This step is all about you evaluating the vehicle for your comfort level in the driver’s seat, checking out the interior and cargo space, and making sure you like the way the vehicle drives. During this step, you’ll meet with a few salespeople and other dealership representatives, but worry not! I’ll prepare you for the questions you’re likely to be asked and how I recommend you answer them. The goal is to get you in and out with minimal hassle.

Preowned Vehicle Completion Package: The Hunt

After your test drives are complete, a winner will emerge! Next, you and I will chat about specifics like must-have features and your preferred color choices. And then I’ll start searching. To leave no stone unturned, my search will include traditional brick-and-mortar dealerships, used car superstores like CarMax, and online-only retailers like Carvana and Vroom.

Even if I’m only searching online, I know what to look out for. As an official car freak, I can recognize signs of aftermarket modifications. These can sometimes point to possible abuse by a previous owner. I have a keen eye for spotting imperfections. And, I’m experienced at pouring over the detailed information contained in Carfax or AutoCheck vehicle history reports to weed out vehicles with prior accidents, potentially irregular maintenance records, and otherwise sketchy or questionable ownership histories.

What About Price Negotiations?

My New Vehicle Completion Package includes pricing negotiations with the selling dealership, whereas the Preowned Vehicle Completion Package typically does not require it. That’s the biggest difference between the two services.

I know what you’re thinking! If I’m not haggling on the price of a used car for my clients, aren’t they getting ripped off?

Absolutely not! But since this is already lengthy enough, I will explain why in my next post. How’s that for a cliffhanger?

Preowned Vehicle Completion Package: Wrapping Up

Once I’ve found you the make and model that meets your wants and needs, with the right features, in the right color, at the right price, it’s time to wrap up your purchase. I’ll prepare a Deal Summary for you that outlines what to watch for when you’re inspecting your car, and reviewing your paperwork at the dealership. If necessary, I’ll coach you through negotiating the value of your trade-in, and dealing with the Finance Manager. You’ll know what to say when he or she tries to sell you expensive warranty coverage and maintenance packages.

To help finalize the transaction at the dealership, if you’re in my local area (Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Massachusetts) I can come to the dealership with you! There is an additional fee of $150* for this service, but I do find that this further streamlines your experience. I can help you inspect your car**, and effectively field most questions from the salesperson and Finance Manager on your behalf. If you want a stress-free experience when you’re buying your car, this is it!

If you’re outside of my little corner of New England, or if you decline in-person assistance, we’ll schedule a time to chat. I’ll review your Deal Summary with you, answer any questions you may have, and make sure you’re feeling confident and ready to roll!

In Conclusion…

Shopping for a used car can be intimidating. And it’s more complicated than new car shopping, because you have to consider the condition and history of a preowned vehicle, too. For this reason, I created the Preowned Vehicle Completion Package that better addresses those nuances.

Let’s chat if I can help you find the right new or used car. Or if you know someone who might benefit from my services, please share this post! And as always, thank you for reading.

* Service pricing and rates are subject to change at any time. ** While I am confident in my ability to inspect, recognize, and diagnose a variety of mechanical, cosmetic, and other potential defects in a used car, I am not a replacement for the expertise of a certified professional. Before any used car purchase, I always recommend an independent third-party inspection by a trusted mechanic.

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