New Vehicle Completion Package: New Car, No Hassle

A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog post about the Starter Package. Of my two main services, the Starter Package is intended for those who seek some guidance in jump starting their car search. Today, I’ll expand upon another, more comprehensive offering: the New Vehicle Completion Package. It’s geared toward those who need some help getting started, but they’re also ready to wrap up their purchase in the near future. They’d like guidance every step of the way. They’re probably either uncomfortable with the negotiation element of car shopping, or despise the hassle.

And, I deliver results. My clients who purchase the New Vehicle Completion Package have saved over $3,500 on average over the sticker price.*

The New Vehicle Completion Package is $499**. If you’re interested in a new vehicle, whether you plan to finance with an auto loan, or lease, I’m ready to assist you. And if you’re thinking that a preowned vehicle is the better option, I can help with that, too. I will outline the Preowned Vehicle Completion Package in a future post.

I make recommendations about the vehicles that will best fit your needs, wants, and budget. Then, I hunt down exactly the right car in your local area, down to the right optional equipment and colors. Next, I contact dealerships on your behalf and do all the negotiating for you. Once I’ve put together the best possible deal, you’ll go down to the dealership to wrap things up. Let me break this down for you.

The New Vehicle Completion Package: Includes the Starter Package

Included in the New Vehicle Completion Package is the Starter Package. To kick us off, I’ll prepare your Short List: three vehicles that meet your needs, wants, and budget. I won’t recommend any car unless it’s safe. To receive my endorsement, a car must have good performance in government crash tests, along with as many Advanced Driver Assistance Systems as the budget allows. In addition, all cars recommended by me must have a proven track record for reliability. You can rest assured that the recommendations I make are customized for your unique needs, will fit into your budget, are proven to be dependable, and will keep you and your family safe.

To read more about the Starter Package, check out this blog post.

The New Vehicle Completion Package: Test Drives

After you’ve reviewed your Short List and asked any follow up questions you may have, it’s time for test drives! Before I start negotiations, it’s important to make sure that you like the car. Reading about a car is one thing, but the feel behind the wheel is another. Test drives are important to make sure that you’re comfortable, there’s enough space for your needs, and that you like the way the car drives. This step does require you to visit a few dealerships and interact with salespeople, but I’ll prep you ahead of time with my tips to help you get in for the test drive, and out with minimal hassle. After all, you’ve hired me to take on the hassling on your behalf!

The New Vehicle Completion Package: Identifying the Target, and the Hunt

After the test drive, it’s likely that a favorite will emerge. We’ll discuss your impressions, and put together your ideal configuration for your new car. Which trim level has the features you want, while being in your budget? What available optional equipment does your car need to have? What color exterior and interior do you like best, and which are off the table?

Armed with that information, I start hunting. I find dealerships in your general area with compatible inventory, and begin negotiating. This part of the process can take a few days, as I track down the best possible deal. But, I make it a point to check in with you throughout the process, so you’ll stay fully informed on where things stand.

Completion Package graphic

The New Vehicle Completion Package: The Winner, and Preparing for Delivery

Typically within a few days, a deal will emerge as a winner, and then it’s time to wrap things up! I’ll coordinate your appointment with the dealership to take delivery. Depending on the vehicle, transaction type, or timeframe, I may recommend you call the dealership to place a deposit. This guarantees the car will be held for you until you’re able to sign on the dotted line. Additionally, some dealerships allow you to complete their credit application online from their website. Doing so ahead of time may save you some time at the dealership.

The New Vehicle Completion Package: Wrapping Up

Before you take delivery, I’ll prepare a summary of your deal. It includes all relevant figures, with call outs on what to watch for when you’re reviewing your paperwork at the dealership. And, I’ll coach you through the tricky parts: negotiating the value of your trade-in, and dealing with the Finance Manager. I’ll tell you everything you need to know about extended warranties, prepaid maintenance agreements, and gap insurance coverage. You’ll be confident you’re making the smart decision about these expensive add-ons, no matter how aggressive the Finance Manager’s sales pitch is.

To finalize the transaction at the dealership, if you’re in my local area (Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Massachusetts) I can come to the dealership with you! There is an additional fee of $150** for this service, but I do find that this further streamlines your experience. Since I’ve already worked out the details of your deal, it’s easy for me to verify that everything in the contract and paperwork reflects what has already been agreed upon. Furthermore, I can effectively field most questions from the salesperson and Finance Manager on your behalf. If you want a stress-free experience when you’re buying your car, this is it!

If you’re outside of my little corner of New England, or if you decline my in-person assistance, we’ll schedule a time to chat. I’ll review your deal summary with you, answer any questions you may have, and make sure you’re feeling confident and ready to roll!

In Conclusion…

I understand that for many shoppers, buying a car is, at best, confusing. At worst, it’s miserable, and there can be disastrous financial consequences, too. I created the New Vehicle Completion Package, and this business in general, to advocate for you. I want to shed some light on the mysteries of car shopping. And I want to make sure that you don’t make the wrong decision – either in choosing the wrong vehicle, or in making a major financial mistake.

I hope this post, along with the earlier one about my Starter Package, helps to explain what I do as Tom the Car Pro! Please shoot me a message if you’d like to let me take the hassle out of your next car purchase. And if you know of someone who might be in need of my services, I thank you in advance for spreading the word.

Thank you for reading!

* Past performance and discount amounts do not constitute a guarantee of future performance, nor a guarantee on a specific dollar amount that you may or may not save by hiring me to assist with your new car purchase. Each transaction, client, dealership, car, and situation is different, and therefore, so are the levers I can pull in negotiating your best price. ** Service pricing and rates are subject to change at any time.

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