About Tom the Car Pro

So, what is a "Car Pro" anyway?

Who knows! But it seemed like a nice way to refer to my lifelong obsession with all things automotive.

Cars are my passion. Ever since I was big enough to see out of my car seat from the back of my family’s Dodge station wagon, I’ve been captivated.

Since then, cars have been my favorite hobby. I’m always up to date on the latest models, the latest in automotive safety, and the latest trends in styling and technology.

I follow and pass judgments on the business decisions of automakers like any good armchair quarterback. And my obsession has recently taken a new turn, and automotive history is a new fascination of mine. In fact, in 2019 I ventured to Detroit where I geeked out harder than most would dare in the city that gave birth to the American automotive industry. And I absolutely plan to return!

I’ve learned a lot about the car buying experience, and am well versed in automotive finance.

I’ve also discovered the satisfaction of combining my love of cars with writing. While you’re here, go check out my blog!

TL;DR: I know a LOT about cars. And I want to put that knowledge to work for you.

Tom the Car Pro: Goals​

Shopping for a new car takes time.

From deciding which models best fit the unique needs of you and your family, to tracking down exactly the right vehicle, to hammering out a great deal – I can help.

My goals are to:

  • Do the research for you
    • Recommend vehicles that meet your unique needs, wants, and budget
    • Recommend safe vehicles, with good performance in crash tests, and as many Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) as the budget allows
    • Recommend reliable vehicles, based both on accumulated anecdotal information as well as documented reliability data
  • Find you exactly the right car, in the right colors, with the right optional features*
  • Negotiate the best deal on your behalf**

And all without adding more to your already busy schedule.

My loyalty is to my clients. I do not receive any incentive for recommending a particular make, model, or dealership.

*Requires selection of Preowned or New Vehicle Completion Package. **Requires selection of New Vehicle Completion Package.